Monday, February 16, 2009

Communication (#17)

I find that when I talk or write, to many people in the course of my day, that my day feels like it has actually been lived. I have had days when I did not speak or write to anyone and felt as if the day had no depth to it. I enjoy a quiet life now that I am older but I also know there is a price being paid for my quiet time. As much as I avoid chaos or unecessary drama, I must be careful not to exclude normal or regular contact with old friends or new acquaintences. It is easy to shy away from the give and take of society. I find myself going for the easy and comfortable way subconsciously. This is a trap for me, If life isn't making me feel some degree of discomfort then I am not learniing or helping in some way. An awareness of what I am doing is crucial in why I am communicating when I do. The intent of my communicating is to better my life and those lives around me. It is also to continue to be human and stay in contact with other humans; something I find to be an absolute necessity in a world in short supply of absolutes.

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