Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conviction (#13)

The dictionary describes conviction in this sense, "a strong persuasion". This is the definition I am writing about. It isn't always easy to know what to do sometimes. My experiences have taught me to think carefully and with time, before I move ahead with putting a decision to action. When I do though it is because I am confident that I have considered other possibilities and found them unsuitable as answers to my forwarding a solution. I will always make mistakes in decisions I make, but not because I didn't think them through and try other ways. I always appreciate any advice I get whether I ask for it or not, hoping it is always given in the spirit of objectivity and honesty. Remembering that one persons view of objectivity and honesty come from their view, not necessarily from all views or my view. I do the best I can with decisions I make, presenting them with a conviction; based on what I perceive is best for me and just as equally what is best for those my decision affects. The conviction of my decisions have more to them than a rash rush or ill intentioned logic. My convictions are not perfect but they are the best I have.

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joanne said...

Hi Son, I want to comment on your convictions and decisions Your right in thinking them out and once you have made your decision you must have faith that you have made the right one if it doesn't turn out to perfect its another lesson learned Love, Mom