Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free Flow (#25)

This post is somewhat a continuation of yesterdays writing. Centrally, about remaining in the present. Free flow is how I see myself today in living my life. My mind is being allowed only to think about the things that I am presently dealing with. Another way of saying this is I am not allowing myself to "future trip" or in another way I am not calculating my future. It is my hope that my future is best left to the actions of my past and present life. I can't change my past, but I can make my present represent me as best as I care to do. I care a lot and I am consciously giving myself the best opportunities to express this. I have been, in the past, more likely to calculate what and how I feel, think and react to circumstances I might encounter. My focus now, in the present, is to feel, think and react on the principled instincts I hold dear. Trusting that the free flow of who I am and want to be will surface and define my existence. I like who I am today and hope that the proof of this will positively influence all those that come into my life.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Son, I really enjoyed you words today, We surly can't change the past but can make today better Have a great day love Mom