Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Higher Priorities (#11)

For all my personal trials I am certainly aware that a greater concern than myself is the country, and its inhabitants, that I live in. Without this American society to flourish in; my insignificant musings would be of little knowing. Perhaps that I have been fortunate enough to reside in this great country I have lost sight of the fact of its precious opportunities. Struggle to obtain and maintain these opportunities has been my experience. Not always remembering to see that in my vision for my and our collective futures; I fall back to my own fallabilities of somehow deserving something I consider my due. Again I prove my humanity in its less than desireable form. I have not taken the time to focus on higher priorities as much as I should. My "feelings" truly are subordinate to practices that require prices to be paid in blood and tears. It seems like everyday I am having to either apologize for my thoughtlessness or privately admonish myself for insensitivity to perils beyond my bruised but otherwise healthy heart. It still amazes me how I am and more than likely will remain my own harshest critic. Such is the progression of growth I am learning in my feeble attempt to be a better man. The Man of Hope.

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