Thursday, February 26, 2009

Keep the faith (#27)

My mother and I were talking about faith the other day and she believes we all have some meassure of it in our lives. This belief of hers seems to ring true. Faith is hard to quantify in that the word itself is not restricted to religious belief systems alone. However, faith implies a trust in something and in this regard I agree with my mother. The thoughts necessary to trust reveal a premise/conclusion type synthesis within all humans with operable, cerebral cortex' and central nervous systems. If trust is the genesis to beginning to have faith then it seems to me that faith is a learned behavior. For me, faith in something is a choice by the chooser and should be solely by the chooser. I have myriad examples of trust that proved fruitful and right. Given this history of trust I respect, and my not knowing a lot about ANY one thing, the following has evolved in my life. I now have a faith in a order beyond me. What that means in my daily life is still being determined, but that it has actually happened is a paradigm shift in how I view how to live my life. Mostly I don't have to know what to do I need to know what not to do.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Son, I love your blogs , I think its good to seach out our minds and hearts it sure keeps us thinking and doing the best we can, and yes find out what we should'nt do, thats not always easy for some of us. Thats were pray comes in handy. Love You ,MOM