Friday, February 13, 2009

Mentality of Entitlement (#14)

I have seen many examples of a mentality of, I am entitled to this because it's my right. How does this mindset argue its validity? I have heard reasons such as I was born here, I was here first, I thought of it first, my ancestors fought and won this for me, my government should protect it for me and other assorted assertions of entitlement. My experience tells me that the only sense of entitlement I should consider as valid is the one where I confess that I worked for it and my cofession is true. My efforts and energies have secured this entitlement for myself. Even at that I am subject to the whims of nature and unforeseen stresses of societal changes. I am not speaking of entitlement programs of government assistance; rather some unknown idea that no one else should be able to have what I claim for myself because I have some higher calling to it, based on some of the reasons I have already given. A person who does employ a mentality of entitlement, by my understanding is employing a method of less than honorable motives. Which suggests a condescension toward hard work and vigorous effort.

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