Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Protocol for Living (#18)

Our human species has been gifted with sensory perceptions unique when paradigmed with our reasoning abilities. These learned, inherent and instinctual qualities give us an unparalled advantage of forward thinking. Given that we, collectively, control our destinies, how is it that we have not evolved our society beyond its incongruent present form? The answer to this question is: our struggle against our worst characteristics has, until recent centuries, been ineffective. I will continue to maintain that the human qualities of compassion, curiosity and survival instincts are the fulfillment of our existence. The denial of these qualities by ourselves, on and to ourselves, fosters the negative aspects of our humanity. We get to choose, at any time from now until the end of our existence, when we want to effect the philosophical change necessary to advance the protocol for living our human existence and forwarding that to the future. Man of Hope.

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