Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Responsibility for Choices (#19)

The principle of, (for every action there is an equal reaction), appears through my personal experience to be valid. In my younger, formative years I learned this lesson frequently. Many times I tried something to benefit myself only to find out I caused someone else a cost. When I decide on a decision today it isn't a cost/benefit analysis with me always the beneficiary. It is about how my decision affects others, not just me. In moving from often being selfish, to more selfless, I have found an equilibrium between giving and receiving. In other words, my actions are now predicated on how I can be an example of honor and conviction. My inner pride in becoming the man of my hopes is closer to being realized. The satisfaction of knowing, that I don't have to have, even less than all, is an insight of significant value. I take the responsibilty for choices in my life and I am determined that there will be less cost and more benefit to all. I have reached a point in my growth where, more often than not, personal sacrifice equals personal satisfaction.

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