Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Reflection on Life (#20)

The line that separates life from death can be obvious at times. My lifelong friend Jimmy just lost his dad to cancer a couple of days ago. I knew Jimbo for the last forty three years as a kind but rough individual. As a friend passes from our world the line that is crossed becomes much clearer to me. For me the line is piano wire thin and as fragile as a newborn baby. My respect for life is cautionary when I see how easily it can be taken away. Life is not a right, it is a miracle beyond all comparisons. How I came into being will, perhaps, always be a mystery to me. However cautionary I am about my own life I do understand how I must live it. It may seem cavalier of me to draw a line in the sand as to why I would be willing to sacrifice my life, but to me it isn't. I have been privileged to know that my compassion along with the concept of good, at times, may dictate to me such a sacrifice. I don't look for any opportunities to prove this but I do appreciate that " the good of the many outweighs the good of the one." The nobility of honor is a worthy credo to pattern one's ever tenuous, fragile life. May we all be so bold. Man of Hope.


Anonymous said...

Hi son,I wanted to say I enjoy your blogs, its just confirms the child that I brougt into this world so many years ago understands how valuable every life is, life is a gift that has a very special purpose and to do the best for whatever purpose we are to fulfill. Love You Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi again I like what you have to say about working . It's a real good feeling when you have accomplish something for the good of yourself or someone else The important thing it keeps the world going and abusy person makes life more interesting..