Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine Wish (#15)

The freedom of spirit allows for feelings or emotions to emerge that at times can bring about a warm smile. My spirit is lifted today because I allow myself to learn and know what my feelings are. I believe it is bold to move beyond stereotypes of allowable behavior. Some men and women are taught to keep emotion within them and not express it. A reason that men do this is to keep an aura of machismo and women to protect themselves from lascivious and deceitful men. Regardless of the motive of this superficially outdated strategy, masking emotion has no place in an enlightened future. Men and women need to trust their instincts, by learning their own emotions, well enough to discern their honor and safety. Valentines day gives me an opportunity to reflect on how proud I am of my ability to stand tall for my principles of conviction. I only hope that growth in becoming a better man I, who must defend against any type of character assault, will continue to build a better me. May we all become an example of humanity at its finest! My Valentine wish. Man of Hope.

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