Sunday, April 12, 2009

Angry at a single word (#72)

Most every morning I have no idea what I am going to comment about and this morning I had no idea as usual. Except I read my morning paper first and saw that a high school friend was being remembered in the obituary column. My first reaction was, No! My next reaction was a very solemn feeling. I contacted one of his sisters with a note of condolence. I am still feeling very upset about how young we die. We should all be allowed to live forever, or at least a very long time. The randomness of death is troubling to me. I don't understand its purpose, maybe that's why I am angry. Life can be such an agreeable proposition but our control over it is illusory. I am as determined as ever to live by my, recently understood, honorable principles. To have as much quality in my life as I can possibly have is all I am consumed by these days. I no longer think in the selfish mode of what satisfaction can I have for myself, but rather how can I make the living experience a happiness all can enjoy. The time of thinking of myself in terms of self-satisfaction are over. The time of thinking of others is now upon me and I shall strive to honor this time with everything within me. Goodbye my old friend Wayne Stevens.

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