Thursday, April 16, 2009

Answers through Objective Reason (#76)

I find that if I don't allow myself to understand what my position is on whatever thing I am proclaiming then I am a fool. I have been a fool too many more times than I can remember and will be a fool again if I don't make myself understand my position. The best way for me to start to understand is to listen to reasonable arguments pro and con and then meditate on a simple premise; what is best for all. Truth can be difficult to find amongst many emotional, complex persuasions. However, the objective mind must distinguish and separate the rational from the irrational. Forces can come to bear and influence a particular rationale in keeping with prejudices, tradition and ulterior motives. It is easy to rationalize the pure simple truth of any matter, it is hard not to take into account my own motivational priorities. By eliminating myself from the equation and making myself responsible, to the honest truth in furthering the good and great of the human experience, I find a process for bring about the best of my intent and wisdom on any particular dilemna.

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