Monday, April 27, 2009

Every Life is Remarkable (#87)

I am writing this post about how every human life born, living and deceased is another example of the remarkable experience of conciousness. In all of thought, humanity's example is only overshadowed by nature. Of all things that have been verifiably documented throughout history humanity is the most diverse reasoned species to have occupied existence. This preface is given to illustrate my understanding of the absolute preciousness of every human life. With the good of humanity unfortunately, at this time in our evolution, comes the bad of humanity. It is the bad that I wish to expose by using truth. When we care and wonder about each other the good is absolutely dominant. Inversely, when we care only for our selfishness and chose not to wonder about all of us, a sickness sets in and war, disease, hunger and poverty establish a breeding ground for prominence. I have a choice, I can care and wonder how we are all doing together or I can allow prejudicial behavior such as selfishness define who I am. I have always been a fighter who must prove his worth to the forces of the universe or I will cease to be who I want to be. My choice has been made now all, every human, must also make their choice. Don't let someone else make your choice, embrace who you are and celebrate that everyday.

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