Thursday, April 23, 2009

I can't learn enough (#83)

I love the process of learning as much as I love learning itself. To be at a place where I can read a book is what I like to do. To be at a place where I can watch information is a good time for me. Writing some thoughts about what is important in my life always seems to give me some insight that I didn't have before I began to put letters on a page or screen. My day is full of the processes I use to learn. This is important for a couple of reasons, first, I actually am learning something new or old and I am able to absorb this knowledge and allow it to mold me into a better person. Second, my day is filled with activity that I enjoy and benefit from, which keeps my mind alert and keeps me busy living life and not wasting valuable time. It is well documented that those people who quit being active or engaged in life start to lose individual cognitive skills. I have been fortunate to have a desire to learn, my blessing is that there is a universe of knowledge out there that is always waiting to inform me. I truly don't wish for life to end for me and everyone else because of the rich experiences life would give us.

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