Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's in the Trying (#74)

It's in the trying that we usually attain some form of something. I wanted to write about remaining positive as much as possible but that is all about actually trying. The effort to move from one place to another is an action necessary for implimenting a choice to move. By trying, we can succeed in moving by our own terms and control the outcome more desirably. Trying, infers a hope to accomplish or at least not quit. I try not to give validity to any voice that would thwart my nature or my principles of life. My hopes can be dissuaded but only if they are not burgeoned with personal emotion. So for the most part how my life is qualified is in proportion to how much effort I put into it. This is my reality, I don't purport to describe anyone elses. We all have the quality of trying in common and whatever the parameters of one's life effort to achieve, trying is universal. Trying is best respected when it is done in honesty and in the best tradition of human value. The shortcuts to achieve, that are implemented, can only be described by me as not proud. My best way of thinking is that the value of the achieved goal is equal to the effort put forth to see it realized.

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