Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Universe is Ours (#81)

When we planted the American flag on the moon we staked our claim to the universe. I say that because we went beyond the limits of our planet and reached into the vast space we call universe. The moon was just the first terrestial body we explored. I like to think of Americans being the noun used to describe all earthlings. Our constitution would welcome all people to join us in one nation on the earth. This seems more likely to happen further in the future but I like to imagine it can happen in my lifetime. I posit this in the hope that my premise of compassion and curiosity, being the dual components of human natural instinct, will eventually be allowed to be full time experiences of our natures wholly as individuals. If that be the case then all of us belonging together in a system of governence and lawful abiding naturally could allow us all to be Americans. The continued search and progress associated with exploring our universe would be a natural flow of our curiosity and would bring unlimited opportunities to do just that. I care and I wonder what the future holds for us in our universe.

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