Friday, May 15, 2009

Encouraging words matter (#105)

I find that at times a simple kind word will lift my spirit and change my outlook. My fears can become dominating if I let them and occasionally I do. Left alone I allow my fears to grow into something greater than their actual being. I will magnify and expand a situation until it becomes scarier than hell. Well, maybe not hell but real scary. It is at these times that someone will say something to me that will encourage or support me. As is usually the case I reflect back on what was so fearful and I find that it was more imaginary than real. My mind has the ability to exaggerate circumstances until they grow beyond the parameters of normal concern. Possibly my mind is not disciplined enough to handle the wild swings it occasionally takes me on. I am sure there is some truth to being less disciplined than I could be but in conjunction with that I believe human interaction is necessary for all of us to keep a perspective on what is going on in our lives. We need each other to examine what we are doing in a way that brings out the best in what we are doing. I don't always need someone looking into my life with a critical eye however I do need someone to be a friend when my best interests are being foiled by me. I am inherently opposed to uninvited advice. I am also, however, attentive when that uninvited advice comes with tact and humility. True concern shows itself when the giver of the concern exhibits selflessness. I always respond more positively when encouraging words are given in the spirit of friendship.

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