Friday, May 22, 2009

Living is remarkable (#112)

I am still amazed about how I am present and attentive to the things happening around me at any given moment. Everything has a possibility to it. There are no preconditions on anything happening in my life. My decisions are made with open-minded consideration with no intent to do harm or wrong. In the past I would have already made up my mind about something previous to having to make a decision, without taking into account new considerations or arguments. The lazy, arrogant method of a know-it-all. Today, I weigh decisions at the time of their necessity. There is a liberating freedom to knowing that I am not bound by influences or conventions when making up my mind. I can flow freely from one decision to the next with the confidence that the decisions were based on my best ability, at the time, to do what was right and good. Times change and so do the circumstances of decisions already made, however revisiting previous decisions and altering to new decisions is required when necessary. All done with the best of intention. We as a species are so fallible, yet we endure because we can adapt, always, toward the better and best of our natures. Admitting honest changes in opinion is admirable and should be employed when we see the correctness of change. It is like that old saying when I was very young; we didn't come with instructions. True, we didn't, but we can build our own set of instructions based upon the two foundations of our souls, compassion, which is our hearts, and curiosity which is our minds. Both working for the same goal of bettering our world to give us an opportunity to truly live a remarkable life.

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