Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love the Greatest Sense of All (#110)

I have been alive long enough to know that what is worthy to live for is love. My five senses of touching, tasting, smelling, hearing and seeing are fabulous and worthy of experiencing but the one emotion that exists in my life worthy of enduring throughout my whole life is love. It is the simple innocence of love that caps a cauldron of every other emotion within me. By capping I mean to say that when love is front and center all other emotions are available to protect love if needed. Love is the whole, and other emotions separately consist of its makeup. My experience is that when honest and truthful love exists there is nothing within existence that would stop me from protecting love. Nothing. The pure joy of the emotion is perfect. A complete sense of being is how I can describe the physical sensation. Every problem suddenly has a simple solution when seen through the eyes of love. This may sound delusional or naive, however, my contention is that it is only to those who are not experiencing love in their own lives. Life is too short for all of us not to experience it in it's most absolute form. Maybe love is not the absolute form to live life, maybe, but no other experience I have had has been equal to love. Sentimentality aside, to be born and have life as a human devoid of love seems to present a life with no incentive to aspire toward perfect sensations. Since our existence is predicated upon our senses then what would be the logical point without love?

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Caroline said...

Beautiful description in the true essence love. But also telling the very rawness of the facts. Simply love! Very well put. I can say that because I know this love and forever experiencing the senses it brings....thanks