Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What can I do to Help (#116)

I suppose what I could to to help is define what I'm referring to. What is foremost on my mind these days is our economy. Somehow our collective confidence in reshaping what our future will look like has yet to evolve. If we could all agree on a foundational design then our economy has a better chance of beginning to activate. We need greater leadership in helping to formulate an outlook for our future. Generally, a greener planet is natural, but without a more detailed scope of how to implement our future, it needs further explanation. Like the 19th century land grab opportunities, our future, needs to be made, in easy to act on ways. Our wills are ready to act but the amount of red tape and qualifications necessary to even become involved is prohibitive. We are strangling ourselves by all the rules and regulations keeping most people from becoming involved in our society and business creation. Rules and regulations are important in operating and maintaining economic growth but to initially get started many if not most people couldn't even qualify to begin a business. A restructuring to ease availability to start and grow a business should be a high priority. Our country must provide us with the tools to create and expand economic models that can begin to incorporate our American spirit of hard-work and ingenuity. This is our greatest advantage in this free market system of trade. If our government will help it's citizens start ambitious business' then we could grow to help not only eliminate unemployment but also export our business' to the rest of the world and help them eliminate their unemployment. What is crucial is to use opportunity of business to operate for success of all involved not just the few at the top. I know there is some way to make this happen. It will just take the right spirit of enterprise for all of us to agree and understand. We are all in this together.

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