Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The best of ourselves (#180)

The day when everyone can recognize the utter wastefulness of selfishness is the day when we, as a society, will have advanced from the animalistic tendencies of our genesis to a higher evolution of our potential. We have so much more to evolve toward, being stuck within the confines of, as Hobbes would put it"...nasty and brutish..." stage, our current paradigm. I refuse to hear the echoes of the past that believe well enough is good enough. Justice demands that we, as a society of thinking, rational human beings, continue to search and implement processes that grow from our our general foundation of belief in goodness. If I ever catch myself believing that we have become all that we can be I will no doubt have fallen prey to a lesser human that I aspire to be and the shame of that will be all mine. When I lose the courage to confront ideas that would destroy the concept of humanity that I believe to be the true humanity of all humans, that being compassion and curiosity with the will to survive, will be the day I pray to God to forgive me of my sin of knowingly being a coward instead of the strong defender of life that I hope I will always remain until I die. My sentinel vigilance is my inner strength in protecting life from selfishness as a way of life and it's abhorrent odor of greed. Ambition is admirable, but ambitions' actions must seek to find a way of expression that holds to principles of honor and inclusion for the purpose of betterment not self-indulgence. We must never again go back to the days where we view ourselves as lesser or greater than we are. We are different and unique to all of existence. That is the beauty of the human race. We are all magnificent and humble all at the same time.

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