Saturday, July 18, 2009

The inspiration of benevolence (#169)

Why do some people care about the welfare of others with no obvious reason? What is their motivation? Isn't there some purpose to their actions? I am finding that indeed there is a motive for being more selfless than selfish. It is an emotional/sensory one. The human trait of compassion toward each human is nurtured through any process that enables any of us toward betterment of each of our futures. We must find ways to correct injustice from our present society and being benevolent is a way to build toward a pattern of positive action and good feeling. Not all will accept a hand for help without manipulating or abusing the gesture, but that should never deter an overall effort for continuing positive action to benefit others in ways that would not be available without our individual help. The structure of all societies since recorded history have all fallen short of the ideal of full and complete egalitarian processes. The very nature of all societies so far have been unable to keep class distinctions from happening. We seem to find ways to separate ourselves from some of us and not from others of us. Nothing in history has found a way to keep class distinctions from evolving. The mindset that allows us to distinguish one person from another must be reinvented toward a more correct evaluation. We are all special and have something to offer to each other in forms that need the respect and understanding of a society that has eliminated the ills of elitism and other prejudicial thoughts born from selfish desires. As great as the potential for humanity to be a beacon of what a life-force can be, we still have many huge leaps in social thought and behavior to attain and being aware of this is the first step toward our eventual benevolent existence.

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