Friday, July 24, 2009

Just another day today (#175)

I am pleased to be involved in just another day in my life. Starting my day with the same recognition that it is a gift to be alive has been a revelation to how my life has become. Three years ago today I quit drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. It is both embarrassing and a source of pride all rolled together. Embarrassing in that it took me up to age fifty to finally put down the harmful compounds of tobacco and alcohol. A sense of accomplishment in that at the age of fifty I was able to put down the compounds of tobacco and alcohol. A dual realization of my frailty and strength all rolled up together. Perhaps it is as it should be, life in it's complexity has few non-interconnected singular outcomes. The two-sided coin of my three year abstinence will be acknowledged tomorrow at a special meeting designed for those of us who daily fight the good fight to stay in a sober state of mind. Coincidentally, the marking of my anniversary's passage will be commemorated with a three-year coin. We measure time in order to facilitate comparative schedules. Time allows us to pause and reflect at given intervals and this, today, is one for me. Although time does signify milestones, the continuation of my behavior and cognition that has evolved over the last three years, it is also constantly moving forward in much the same manner that my new way of life is and with my greatest hope will continue to do. Thank you all who have been a part of my discovering a far superior way of life.

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