Sunday, July 26, 2009

No negative thoughts (#177)

I can imagine my world, with what is left with my time here in existence, having never to think a negative thought again. I know that right now I am unable to achieve this but I see how I can. Sometimes I forget how wonderful life is and when it is not, I find myself resenting the part that isn't wonderful. What I must always continue to remember is that life is actually very hard and the wonderful times are a gift. I am fortunate to be alive and in a position to have some control over my destiny. Most humans don't have this good fortune. My perspective must remain on the notion that there are no guarantees, no deserves, no hopes or wishes that I can command into being. I have found that I am a happy person down in my soul where my core of life is. From this happy place I can achieve my goal to never think a negative thought. Now, I know that I can't control my thoughts as they come and go without me having time to dis-formulate them before they formulate. I know this, yet I believe that through the practice and diligence of stopping any negative thought as soon as I recognize it, that eventually negative thoughts will begin to fade from my old pattern of thinking. A new pattern of thinking will hopefully emerge, with no room for looking at what's wrong or what's counterproductive, and dominate my mental landscape with thoughts that see what's right and focus on what can make those right thoughts even better where possible. The force of my will is behind this idea. I know that I am human and cannot sustain much momentum solely on force of will but, with effort to attempt to, I can go as far as my mental toughness will allow me, one day at a time.

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