Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Responsibility for our growth (#179)

We must each take responsibility for our own personal growth. When we set out from our parents on our own we must start the process of accepting responsibility for our actions and the circumstances that affect us. We are, at the point of adulthood, the caretakers of our own lives. It is an awesome responsibility and must be undertaken with careful evaluation of how we wish our lives to be expressed. The reality of society is as a function of security and liberty. Society's purpose is to allow us to live full lives through age and opportunities. When we take stock of our hopes and wishes and apply them through the boundaries of society we have the chance to find rewarding and satisfying moments that when added up at the end of our lives prove to be the most precious moments of our lives. Material wealth can have an appeal to most people in that it takes from our lives the economic uncertainty that most of us experience. However, as a goal for life, wealth is just a component of a much larger event. That being the participation in our and other's lives which satisfies a deeper desire to be accepted by our fellow humans. To be connected to other humans in a positively principled way allows us the emotional outlet wealth has no jurisdiction over. Our own personal growth is achieved in a grand way when we start by being influenced by virtuous principles and grow into the virtuous principles day by day until they become who we are.

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