Thursday, July 16, 2009

A short long journey (#167)

Today I will write about the work schedule I have for the next few days. I will be traveling and working down from Sacramento to Fresno, Ontario then Palm Springs then possibly back to Fresno then home to Sacramento, tentatively. I am grateful for the opportunity to earn some money in an economy in California whose unemployment rate is hovering around 12% at this time. For those of you who don't know how old I am, I will be 54 next month on the 20th. The reason I mention this is that I have learned enough knowledge and have added experience in doing some construction work, but mostly supervisory of construction work, to allow me to go to cities where calculations of construction work is needed. My limited ability is considered valuable enough for me to maintain frequent enough opportunities to maintain a simple lifestyle for me and my two animals. My brother-in-law Hart is going with me on this trip to help with the tasks at hand and I appreciate his help and company. We should accomplish our tasks within 48 hours. That means we will be on the road for most of the time just traveling between the cities we need to visit. I will have my computer on since I have an electrical adapter for the truck and an air card for internet connections. I plan on enjoying this trip and doing excellent work when I do anything that needs my constructive attention. This is one of the most different type of posting I have made on my blog since I started it back on January 31st. But then again I need to change up my writings occasionally in order to get a sense of where I am at with my blog and where I want to continue to go with it. Thanks for the few of you who actually read my musings. I will have another installment of my road trip tomorrow at some point, so until then fare thee well and all that goes with that.

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