Monday, July 27, 2009

True and consistent (#178)

I am thinking of a particular instance in my life that reminds me that, to be true to myself and consistent about it, I must never lose hope in that area. Doubt has it's ability to permeate me from many angles and does so in the form of failure and victory. Doubt is like air, it is everywhere all at once. To combat doubt, I must realize what I feel and know about me in all things that I do. If what I feel and know is true about me, then time will be the arbiter of those facts. They will be exposed to the world through my actions and statements. If I wear my reality with a comfort that fits with natural ease, then I know who I am is as true to what I feel as I can know. The overwhelming sense from different sources have at times attempted to influence how I see my world, this is where doubt can have it's greatest influence. I must never relinquish my right to be me. Sometimes the easier way to letting go of my passion for something or someone is to trade it for an alternative reality. In other words give up my desire for a different one. I have done this in the past when I did not stand for a principled life. Those days of bending to someone else's will are over for me. If I must suffer the indignity of my reality in the eyes of others so be it. I must always remain true and consistent to who and what I am.

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