Friday, September 25, 2009

In a hurry (#238)

This is one of those few times where I just have very little time to devote to my blog. I have been sitting here trying to meditate on quiet for the subject of this particular blog to show itself to me and it is not doing so. I feel it is correct to write about the fact that nothing is coming into my mind at this moment when I am prepared to write. I thought about putting this posting off until the end of my work day and after thinking for just a moment realized that I will be so tired that my thoughts then would more than likely be a mass of incoherency. Not too much unlike now. lol. I really enjoy posting my blog and like to share the happy emotion in my writings. I hope that I do because few read what I write anyway and I certainly don't want to bore my readers to distraction. Anyway, this posting will not have much of any substance but it will be really happening in my head as my fingers race across the keyboard to keep up with my thoughts. My typing has improved measurably and for that I am grateful. I have forced my fingers to hit their assigned keys and I am beginning to see good results in that area. Bye for now and I wish everyone a better day today than the day of yesterday.

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