Friday, September 18, 2009

The inner battle (#231)

Desire versus logic. Not as simple to find the right answer to this problem. Logic does not always correctly work as a solution neither does desire. Yet both may have the same solution at the same time. Different situations require analysis based upon many factors. In our civilized society we expect common sense and respect to guide our thoughts and principles, however the survival instinct within us and it's collateral effects often dictate other urges and desires that conflict with society yet seem quite natural. The key is to gain control over random acts of natural desires and process them through a protocol that accounts for the demands of society on the whole and that still moderates our sensibilities toward the negation of some of our human desires. The transfer from animal instinct with it's chaotic nature toward a civilized system of logic combined with acceptable natural desires will continue to form our society as we progress forward into a more ideal future. The end-game of our osmosis or transformation will be far more desirable to our consciousness then the head in the sand approach we utilize when we abuse each other because we have no system to contain the undesirable desires that are still in our present society. To me, the battle is within us but we can impose a structure to show how to fight the inner battle toward a successful outcome. More about a structure to follow on a subsequent blog posting.

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