Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Living in the present (#229)

I am who I am when I live in the present as myself. It is good that I do the things I hope to do when I allow myself to just react as myself. I am a naturally instinctive person. I actually live subconsciously like I want to live consciously. How this has come about to my awareness is through the patient practice of doing the "next right thing". I am conforming myself to behaviour that I approve of and is reflective of honored principled actions. I know that being in the present allows me to stay focused on the things right in front of me and aware of how my and others' actions affect whatever circumstance is happening. Life today for me is fun and full of happiness. It is because I work hard to accomplish whatever I am working on but also work with the knowledge that humanity is a gift, through being alive, and appreciating life is the greatest value I can share. In other words, whistling while I work. When I am in the present, and not future tripping or feeling guilty or remorseful of the past, I serve myself in forging life on my terms with the awareness to know what is going on around me. When I am in the present I get to see how others may need and what I can do to bring any solution I might have to them. When I am in the present I can use my own resources to effect positively on my environment when a need becomes clear to me. I have so many possibilities in front of me when I am in the present and aware of my life within this existence. What a privilege it is to be alive and aware.

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