Sunday, September 13, 2009

On the subject of why I blog everyday. (#226)

To some people, my blogging everyday seems like an inconvenience. To some others it seems like a compulsive trait. Even others seem to think that I have no life except my blogging. All of these are true to some lesser extent. The main reason I blog everyday is that I feel so privileged to be alive and able to express any thought with some definition and clarity. This is my view on the fact that every new day comes and in it I am apart of it. I allow myself some time everyday to spend a part of it reflecting on an idea or thought. The little time spent in meditation and prayer before I begin my blog helps to center me and remind me that I live in the present and that is where my focus needs to be. This is also my way to let the universe know how and what I think at different times as I continue to live. A record of my views and perceptions, certainly, but also an outlook toward my hopes and wishes for how existence might continue to exist for those who will certainly continue to live after me. I am just another soul who wants to offer to the ages what my experiences have shown me and how I have learned and grown from them. This blog is the diary of my life and the important ideals I wish to make known to anyone who may read my blog. I blog everyday because I want to blog everyday. I am still amazed that somehow I am in existence again for another day. I don't know how I was able to get to this existence but I am wholly privileged by it's reality.

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Anonymous said...

Keep on bloging its a blessing as far as I'm concerned