Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pay attention to the details (#239)

Inventory, a word of huge significance. Recently on our job the question of how do we get a handle on the flow of the work has come down to being answered by what is our material inventory and what is our work inventory. Once these items have been identified and understood then the sequencing and scheduling can take place. Simple economics but difficult to grasp amid a chaotic beginning filled with interruptions. I continue to find that noticing and noting the specific details of the task in front of me gives me information I need when it is time for decisions to be made. Information is essential to having the correct intelligence when right decisions become imperative. Right decisions are always required however in a system run by humans right decisions on a basis of perfection, at this time in our evolution, is not realistic. But major decisions need to be as right as possible. It seems that I am in a constant state of information gathering specific to the flow we are trying to maintain. I accept and embrace any honest method to assimilate information gathering into my responsibilities. I can be very good at coordinating my responsibilities if I continue to pay attention to the details and stay relentless in the pursuit of them.

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