Monday, September 28, 2009

Still learning to reign myself in (#241)

There are times when I let myself get too silly and begin to step outside what some people might call comfortable conversation. I have been around various types of personalities that span the range of extremes. As an example, some are quiet and reserved and always within an etiquette boundary, while others spend most of their time disassembling etiquette boundaries. Quite a diverse crowd I am associated with. It is my luck to be able to move within these diverse groups and maintain my own sense of respect and principles. However, there is always the opportunity for me to stray over some lines of protocol and possibly upset or make someone uncomfortable. I am never in the "intentional" when this may occur but nonetheless I am culpable just the same. Sometimes I wonder if being available and in others' lives is worth all the restrictions I must adhere to, to maintain a balance in our associations. I know that it is always worth the energy to remain respectful and helpful even when I am misunderstood or the easy foil of a moody or transferring soul. My own behaviour can always be improved upon and I will always continue to work at that goal. I am also aware that distinguishing between what may be acceptable behaviour today may not be acceptable behaviour tomorrow. We all change and recognizing that within myself is where I need to start. My best trait is to engage others and form new relationships, but keeping those relationships is much more difficult when I let occasional out-of-complete control of my responses interject where not appropriate. I am learning well and will continue to learn well. I am the first to call myself out when I understand my character is out of character.

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