Monday, October 19, 2009

The balance of heart and mind (#262)

When I was younger and less experienced I was inclined to make decisions based on logic and percentages solely. I considered these two factors to be the most important ingredients in deciding courses of action for human activity. My thinking was based upon the majority and held less to little concern for the minority. My transition from that strategy of decision making policy to a more balanced decision making policy of including majority and minority is now where my more mature thought process has arrived. The least of us is our weakest point and my contention is that our weakness's should be where we concentrate our greatest effort. I often hear how the stronger of us feel left out because the resources our society devotes to our lesser advantaged humans has left them with minimal resource allocation. I am heartened in my own life by the feeling of compassion I have within me and how fortunate I am that I can see my own strengths and be grateful I have them in force. I am less concerned with resource allocation and more concerned with how my heart reacts to situations our society has as a by-product of it's progress. My principles for living my life keep me in a place where my own personal reality is not my focus. My focus is on giving of my own strengths to those who have little or no strengths of their own. I am always in awe of my existence and I know it is of no creation of my own. My attitude is that I enjoy the living I am experiencing and humbly acknowledge life in all it's shapes and forms. Life is not about me, it is about everything else!

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