Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Come what may (#271)

Bring it on. The fortitude to show the strength necessary to confront whatever circumstance that presents itself in my life is girded by the truth. Honest application of my being is how I approach the challenges I face today. My continual conversation concerning living a life of a principled man who only wishes to be better at life is the impetus for me to face the daily challenges regardless of their nature. The foundation of me is still being built but it is strong in character and action. Knowing that who I am is what will be my greatest ally in facing uncertainty is comforting in that there is a peace within me that my spirit experiences. There are some challenges awaiting me in the present work position I am filling. I understand also that I take these circumstances as personal challenges. Maybe my approach is a bit overstated but my resolve to handle and complete them is highly focused. My ability to adapt to any situation is being tested with challenges that are a bit difficult and complex. However, my life as a principled man gives me the inner fortitude to accept these challenges with the grace of a man who will accept nothing less than a job well done. I really like who I am today and today is the time I need to really like myself. As fate or destiny would have it, it is my time to show what I am capable of doing.

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