Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friends are everywhere (#264)

Something different in today's blog post. I am thinking about how easy it is to make and keep friends even under trying circumstances. All it takes is constant effort, really constant effort. That may sound like too much but what else am I doing. If making and keeping friends is important to me then why not keep making the constant effort to show them that they are important to me. It all boils down to what is important to me in my living of my life. I have already stated, in previous postings, that selfishness focused on me is not acceptable so what is left is selflessness on my part toward everyone who would be, or is my friend. I feel like the little engine who could. I believe I feel this way because when I do things for others I get a benefit of energized vitality. My life is less difficult and more satisfying. This works for me and I don't know how it would work for others but I would suggest everyone consider the cost/benefit analysis of enjoying greater mental and emotional health versus ego-satisfaction. I have tried both and will never go backward toward ego-satisfaction because it is illusory and never quite fulfilling. Ghandi had it right, Sister Teresa also, thinking and helping others is the real satisfaction I feel when I am in service to the ideal of humble giving. Truly friends are everywhere when the genuineness of my spirit is being revealed. There is no superficiality to honesty on display.

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Anonymous said...

Boy do you have this one right,and we all need to keep on loving, keep on forgiving and keep on giving, Your such a good man!!!!!