Sunday, October 18, 2009

Human survival (#261)

I wish to speak about health care and it's impact on human survival. There are no guarantees that a universal health care program for all Americans will improve the health of us, but there is no proof that not having universal health care will. Common sense about the American society providing universal health care to it's citizens seems a logical construct. The science of health is still in it's infancy and the knowledge that could be gained by examining the largest pool of individuals increases our chances of discovering health concerns, both positive and negative, increases by percentage. The concept that a healthier nation of citizens will be available to contribute to society seems a logical consequence as well. The personal advantage to each individual as well is the timeliness of receiving health care. There would be quicker responses to health issues if coverage were available as opposed to waiting for a financial advantage to address health issues as I, for one, must consider in deciding to address a health issue. The greater opportunity for our society to inculcate principles of goodness comes to mind as well. When one of our main goals within our existence is to care for each other with good intent, the lesson of that becomes an example for us to permeate throughout other areas of our society. The present debate finds it way to how to finance such an endeavor, while the goal of health care for all seems to have a high percentage of favorable agreement. Our society uses monetary structures as a basis for keeping our society intact. The struggle with money and it's effect on our society's health should not overshadow the great importance of keeping our society compassionate about our own survival.

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