Friday, October 16, 2009

Mentoring as a duty (#259)

I want to establish what the requirement of a duty is. It is a conscious conclusion that a owe is due and/or that our nature demands that we be consistent in our behavior toward a principled action. For me, it is both, with a higher calling coming from my conscious about owing something back for which I perceive as a gift or act of kindness. The duty I will try to demonstrate is also a natural progression of the Human experience. When Humanity is in it's proper state of being, duty will only be perceived as an act that exemplifies our better and best attributes. The establishment of duty within Humanity is obviously shown in the fact that we raise our children to become like us or even better than us. This is the segway to mentoring that is the subject of this posting. Mentoring is not just for our children it is also for all of Humanity when we can be in contact. I distinguish no one from each other in my hope to give of myself. There are people from all walks of life who are searching to find themselves and how they belong within our society. I am fortunate to know my place within this existence and the humanity and other life forms that inhabit it with us. I, then, instinctively and consciously, have an obligation to have conversation about subjects that are brought to me that I can bring understanding to or at least offer different approaches toward progressing possibilities. I sense my obligation to be a mentor and hold that honor with much regard and respect. The principled man I hope to become would do no less.

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