Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What it is to be human (#263)

It isn't like I know what it is to be human, it is just that there are some signs that show me what it is to be human. My own inner discovery of who I am gives me some clues and applying logic to the clues I can generalize about humanity. I am not the template for what humanity is but I am a starting point along with observation of other human activity. Philosophy has been the dominant paradigm of our history in describing our purpose and activity in existence. Thought and cognition are important rationales for understanding our surroundings, however for the sake of what it is to be human must rely on our instinct to be in the present. I am what I am right now, right now, right now, etc.... Emotion and our physical/chemical make-up are also factors in defining who we are at any given moment. I try to lessen the impact of those properties and focus on the quiet or calm times we have, when we can reflect on our own self-examination. We are alive and a growing entity with thoughts and emotions. We are also an animal with instincts that bind us through generations. The melding of our evolved instincts and behavior patterns, indoctrinated in us for better living in an organized society, continue to compromise with each other. On the larger scale of this morphing of complexities within ourselves is the ability to comprehend and adjust our beings to balance ourselves when an imbalance of ourselves occur. As the enlightenment of ourselves continues the heightened sense of knowledge gained from becoming more of who we are in a progressive mindset, the more we will be able to see existence with eyes that aren't shaded by the lesser instincts of early humanity.

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