Thursday, December 31, 2009

One door closes a new one opens (#335)

"Life is a funny old thing". I heard this in a movie once and right now seems to have full meaning for me. More like quirky then funny but still it does have it's due. The saying implies to me that regardless of what I try to do life or fate will control despite logic or emotion. The overview is simply put by the opening sentence in this posting. It is somewhat amusing that no matter what serious or emotional investment I make toward a conclusion, "what will be will be". Ha, another great line from a movie. It is comforting to know that I don't take myself so seriously or emotionally that I can't see the trees for the forest. I am full of cliches today. The most important thing in life is living it, not the results I hope to achieve. If I never lose sight of this the rest of my life I will be able to smile a lot about how life has turned out. When I was younger, I used to have a quixotic approach that often left me disillusioned. A remnant from that time was a wry smile I developed and still possess. That wry smile is on my face now as I recall that life is a funny old thing. I will continue to advance my hopes and desires with all my being but I will also recognize the quirkiness of life and it's outcomes with the same wry smile that is emblematic of life's outcomes, not mine.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The pace of my mind (#334)

It seems this week is continuing with the theme of my mind. Today I am full of thought about how my mind must stay active for me to feel a sense of fulfillment. It is also important for my mind to stay active for me to keep it highlighted instead of the body that houses it. In my hierarchy of importance, crudely, the mind is the highest priority followed by my physical body. If my mind abdicates its' authority the body physical will claim it necessarily. It seems that when the harmony of my mind being alert and curious is in place my body physical can recede to a lesser obviousness and function better in a less promoted state. In other words, when my mind is actively doing it's thing my body can quietly go about it's maintenance with more functional ability. It makes me want to theorize that if my mind was fully engaged it might allow my body to regenerate and replenish itself thus prolonging my particular human existence beyond today's acceptable life-span. There is so much we have yet to discover about the human experiment that all possibilities remain viable as opportunities for discovery and acceptance. Nature in it's pure form, less human-made contributions of pollution, might also activate the key to promoting longer if not the longest possible life-span yet achieved.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A breakthrough in my mind (#333)

It has come to me through reason that I may have an ability to effect my physical being through a strong mental focus. I know this sounds a little spacey, like sci-fi, but I am persuaded through evidence that I can effect my physical being through sheer force of will. When I put my mind at a task and remain relentless at it, I find that I have consistency in process and result. This is only with my own physical effects. My determination to bring about a conclusion, despite the difficulty, has seldom been thwarted by my inability to physically perform. It is my conclusion that my mind has a control on the physical well-being of my body. It is as if I have an inner mechanism for sustaining my health until my determined objective is achieved. This I have noticed is only short-term but nonetheless productive for me. I am unsure about how to argue this premise of mind over physical within me but I am otherwise confident that it is a process that exists within me. It also makes some sense as to the utility of the brain to control the organism it is attached to. What we still don't know yet about the function of the human body is up for debate. It is my contention that we have much more more to learn about what uses and purposes our bodies have and over time and research we will discover abilities latent within us waiting to be activated.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Calling it as I see it (#332)

Today I am reminded that no matter how I feel about a subject, there is always the stark reality to see. I am a man who is relentless in his hopes for a full and complete life. I am also a man who is pragmatic about the realization of my hopes and dreams. It often takes the little things in life to make me aware of how things really are in my world. Reality is what I need to focus my honest evaluations of what is and what isn't. It is my privilege to know that fate or my higher power is at the controls of what will be in my life. I must be honest in seeing what fate is telling me and move forward to where fate would have me be. It is enough for me to be alive within my skin and enjoy the ride in the Car,----l. The fun in staying in touch with the true nature of life in existence is simple and pure. I am not the master of my destiny, just the navigator of it. Fate will put those things in front of me that need to be there and I am to navigate around or through or into them as fate would make them available. I am surprised that I have been able to discern this about myself and fate but nonetheless privileged to be able to express it in a way that honors all of life and it's opportunities.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trusting in faith (#331)

Not easy to do at all. It sounds simple enough to achieve. What is difficult is that my ability to forget and old behavior often combine to eliminate my constant attempts to trust in faith. You see, faith is not tangible in an existence sense. Faith is a belief, a concept in theory. When the conceptual application of faith is nurtured it is simple to understand and implement. When it is not, the opposite is true and doubt and unbelievability settles in instead. I have had enough experience with faith to know that when I put my trust in faith I am putting my trust to good work. It is confusing in how to logically explain why faith works other than it does when I put my trust to it. I am not saying that faith is the answer to all of my wishes and dreams but I am saying that the chance faith will bring about my wishes and dreams are diminished when I don't trust in faith to deliver. I only put my faith toward good and right hopes because faith is a child of the best. The best is what I wish to have in my world to share with everyone else. I have given my all to trusting in faith and even when faith does not deliver my preferred outcome I am well satisfied that fate is in charge of my life. I will never give up my hopes and dreams nor will I ever give up trying to achieve them. What I will give up is me trying to control and maneuver an outcome through my actions. My force of will and what destiny brings combined with trusting in faith is my path and I will continue to walk upon it.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The wisdom of silence (#330)

Has the quiet been my friend? Not like it is today. I enjoy the silence in life as a reminder of how I should behave toward my urge to respond. It is interesting that I have learned to stay quiet on subjects that ordinarily would provoke a response from me. I am practicing patience and silence on the myriad subjects I feel I can help with. Why? I am waiting to be asked or invited to participate without first offering. It is amazing to me how insignificant my opinion is in comparison with what others already know but have not made a choice about yet. It is often said that the smartest person in the room is the one who maintains the most silence. It is much easier to formulate a better answer if I have listened to all that needs to be said first. It is not a competition to blurt out the answer first but to answer the question in the most correct way. I also know that most people respond to questions with an intent to help. It is also true that ego and low self-esteem contribute to answering questions as a validating enforcer. Our society is at odds at times with proper individual growth. The lesson I have learned is that, over time, wisdom manifests itself in the form of deliberation before conversation. As I continue to adapt this strategy of self-checking I know that what I say when I speak will carry with it the gravitas of my experience and knowledge. My common sense dictates that my silence is the genesis of my wisdom.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas (#329)

My first Christmas day blog posting, what will it be about? I have no clue and I am just rambling along to start. It will come to me as my thoughts of this day wrap around whatever it is in my head that wants to come out. I am a very fortunate man to have people in my life who care enough about this time of season to want to share time with me doing a family adventure to the movie theater. 17 of us are now going to see the movie Avatar. It should be fun having all of us together watching a fun movie in public. We are all going to meet a various relatives' houses for Christmas presents and breakfasts before we gather in the afternoon for our movie gathering. Then it is Christmas dinner at my sister's home. A full day of fun for everyone. I wish everyone else a Merry Christmas and hope your day brings you the peace of the season.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Trust in myself (#328)

I will not be deterred by factors outside my control. It seems that often my hopes or dreams are in conflict with reality. Not my problem. Somehow reality must change or I will be unfulfilled. Either possibility is acceptable. I will strive to hope for reality to change but will not interfere with others' rights of expression. It is complicated living in a world with options in infinite supply. How does one choose when so many choices have yet to present themselves. The problem is that time dictates a certain life span and the time necessary to sample all possibilities is timeless. So an evaluation based upon opportunity and time compromises all choices in some degree. It may be wise to set one's sights on a less than ideal choice in order to enjoy a certain amount of pleasure and happiness at the cost of a pureness of emotional experience. I tend to think that the compromise route is not for me because the truth of compromise is settling for less at the cost of possibly finding the most. I have written on the context of endure. To endure when things seem less than possible is a trademark of deserving something special when it finally comes to happen. It is in the hard or near impossible that I find I am closest to achieving the hope or dream I have yearned.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Never stop asking questions (#327)

This is who I am, a questioner. I am always reminded of this throughout my day. I am not the kind of person who tells people what things are or are like. I am always trying to get more facts or theories about things. I do offer my insight when asked or prompted but only as a condition of improving a situation where I can be a positive influence. My soul is wired toward curiosity and solution. I don't often get to solution as an ideal, but I do remain optimistic that the solutions I get to have the best that I have when they need to be implemented. I am also aware that I am not afraid to test myself in areas that are still unknown. I am who I am and shall always know that the truth and honesty of my life will rise up and show itself. I am also aware that I question all of the uncomfortable and real situations, we as people, allow ourselves to be a part of. There is only struggle for the better in life, without negation of that struggle to anyone in life. Our egalitarian society demands of us a certain code of respect and honor for us all to each other. The questions continue.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What is inside of us all (#326)

I have known for some time that we are all the same. Of course we are different, but in the general ways we are all the same. We are all born into a world with no foresight or understanding of why. We later learn about how humans birth, but why we are born is still unknown. We learn about how life has been lived before us and try to emulate the qualities we, individually, find attractive or right. We find our niche and fit in as best we can. The commonality we have is in our spirits, emotions and thoughts. Though they vary from circumstance to circumstance they are within a grouping of cognition's and behaviors recognizable to human traits. There are some exceptions due to mental deficiencies, but overall we all bear the same characteristics. The quote attributed to King Soloman "There is nothing new under the sun." is very appropriate to the essence of humanity. We are a unique feature in existence. We all share typical elements and matter form. Our acculturated mannerisms are offshoots of conformity or the lack of. Regardless, we all stem from the same nurture and express ourselves within the parameters of human interaction. We are all the same just living different habitations of being.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Welcome to my world (#325)

Nothing new in my world that isn't in everyone Else's world. So don't expect any surprises from me. What I do have in my world is a lot of good things happening. I am out and about meeting new people and staying in touch with friends. My work is consistent and rewarding. I am away from home a lot but whatever it takes to keep myself moving forward in life with what I have now is worth the sacrifice. I am learning and searching for more experiences to be apart of that I find exciting and fun. I am also allowing myself to be serious and honest about what is happening in my life and with the things I wonder about. I cannot change the world significantly but I can be part of a process that shows by example and does not take part in the things I feel are harmful and offensive to principles of justice, honor and ethics. I carry my word as a bond to the people I give it to and I accept that the Universe is the record keeper of it. I have yet to have a love in my life I would call a true love but I continue to hope that the inevitability of it's fruition will occur. Nothing much else going on except that I am happy and yet concerned about the present and future state of the humanity of our species.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

How much is too much (#324)

I am constantly reminded that there are those who have very little and very little else but hope and there are those who have so much from their efforts. How is it that we can balance out these tremendous disparities? It is through charity of spirit and recognizing that human existence for all individuals, is finite. I am of the opinion that if I had nothing at all right now I would still find a way to exist somehow. Remember, it is the journey of life that is the experience of living not the arrival at some secure place. Security is important and should be a priority to attain, but not at the cost of human disadvantage. It is appropriate for those who have, to find ways to allocate generosity and charity toward those who have not. I will never tout my own practice in distributing the extra I have in order to lessen the despair of those who feel the effect of my efforts. But I will advocate for all who have more than enough to find ways to reintroduce themselves into ordinary human life to find ways to contribute to making hopes for those who despair a little more possible. As a human race we are responsible for our own individual ability to think and reason. The leap in thought that allows us to see reality and make conclusions based on curiosity and compassion is really a very small one. The act of charity is a beautiful experience and should be a priority as well as it is with security.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Creatures on this Earth (#323)

The topic of creatures on this Earth is inspired by the amazement I have in every living thing I have seen or heard. How all the different species have come to live together on this one Planet is still questioned, however the fact that we do is incredible. No one has been here on Earth since the beginning of life here so all is still conjecture and intuitive thinking. The life entities must also include all living things such as plants and microscopic forms. Taken overall, the ability of life to exist on Planet Earth, when the relatively known Universe beyond us has little to no ability to sustain anything recognizable as a life form is astronomically small in possibility. Yet here we are with all the other life forms inhabiting right along with us. It is also worthy of note that we all seem to have a symbiotic bond with each other that makes us, at different levels co-dependent. This co-dependency might offer a view toward all known life, currently in existence, being integral to sustaining life as we presently enjoy. There are always more questions than answers especially when the record of our existence is not an absolute. Theological and Scientific explanations notwithstanding, are as yet unprovable and must remain theories not conclusions. I have a principle I follow that seems to make sense for me; If I cannot create it I can not destroy it. This principle applies when there are no other extenuating circumstances. Welcome to us all, big and small, to a continued happy existence with each of us creatures on this Planet Earth.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The importance of being (#322)

Has a generalized malaise settled into the souls of most humans today? Are our problems so big that, as individuals, we feel hopeless and helpless to effect? It is my impression that despite vigor and enthusiasm by few the majority of humans have opted to remain ambivalent about our current societies in whole, despite the fact that we are connected multi-laterally. A sense of security seems to prevail and scuffling to survive has been replaced by nonchalance. The human spirit has been undermined by an acquiescence of our individualism to collective thought control by a few who would uncomplicate our lives for us. This is a slippery slope trap, when we stop informing ourselves through objective principles and allow ourselves to be told how to think. As individuals it is our right and responsibility to command our own lives within the time we are in existence. To allocate or defer our right of thought and implementation of our principles to others for the sake of expediency is lessening the experience life has gifted us with. Laziness in working on our learning about how life is being lived as individuals will only thwart progress of the human experiment and undermine our argument to remain individuals capable of having a say in the dominion of our persons.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Always living in the moment (#321)

Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to the next horizon but as a rule this moment I am in is the one I focus my attention toward. It is the real life living that I am doing at this very moment. I am no different than other species who live where they are at but also have sensors out to protect them from as yet unknown changes. As a species we have conquered the ability to reason and have a whole new way of enjoying life besides just living to survive. It is the ability to reason that makes existence such a wonderful mystery to be alive in. As I continue to build the characteristics of my cognition and behavior toward a fully principled ideal, I get to enjoy the moments of that journey. To let my mind wander to future or past tripping, I actually steal from myself the moments I could have enjoyed just being where I am in time. I make some considerations for past and future when appropriate but not as an exercise but more as a strategy. Now is where I hope to spend most all of my time and bask in the warm gift of life as me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I trust my instincts (#320)

I am not always able to discern situations with insight but the times I do, I trust my gut feelings about them. Having a gut feeling and trusting it has not always been a tool I have utilized. I am so aware now of the effects my gut feelings have in circumstances, that I rely on it with measured confidence. Nothing is absolute, and I continue to question my gut feelings, but I have a stronger reliance on my gut feelings and the reliance grows stronger each day. I am unable to explain the nature of my gut feeling with any academic qualification, however as a subject observing his own experience with his gut feelings, I can offer this insight. My gut feelings are a combination of learning from experience and evaluating circumstances against my principled code of virtues about human nature and reasoning. There are other factors involved such as morality, ethics and justice. All of these are filtered through my gut where a consensus of sorts is achieved in very little time. I guess the logical presumption of my process is that it is a generalization weighed as a strong premise. Imperfect to be correct in this definition but valuable as a guiding force toward a conclusion. I will continue to rely on the wisdom of my gut in guiding me toward the destination my life takes me.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The circle of life (#319)

The purpose for the circle of life. I have considered why we have to endure the reality of life being cyclical. It has an effect on the development and maintenance of our emotions. Without pain, suffering, joy and happiness...etc., we would not have a perspective on the panorama effect each and every one of these emotions represent. This discussion is cold and insensitive, I know. I am only trying to understand the way life has been laid out for us in this existence. I have struggled mightily with existence over this dynamic. I am purely elated when the perfection of happiness envelopes me and I don't question it's beautiful right to exist. On the other hand, when the deepest of wrought despair overcomes me when part of my heart is crushed by death, I rage against all of existence to retract it's choice of punishing hurt. Living through these moments in my life stretch the gamut of my experiences. Is this what the cycle of life is for? For me to experience all the possibilities of sense perception. The smiles I have worn and the tears I have shed are evidence enough that the circle of life has a consequence. I still struggle with having to experience this circle of life paradigm from birth to death. I want to have my existence elevated beyond this known reality. Not some reality that happens after death but a new reality while I am still alive in existence. This inner struggle I have is continually present within me.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The quality of enduring (#318)

To endure; generally, an effort to continue. The distinction in when to apply endurance should be weighed carefully. Not all endurance is good. However, when it is established that enduring on a principle, action or emotion, enduring is valuable as an ideal. I am discussing endure because it is fitting at times for us to know what is important in our lives and to attain to achieve it through the process of endurance. Plainly, don't quit. Again, knowing the distinction between proper usage of enduring is a requirement. To endure after something that is harmful to ourselves or others is improper. To endure after something that is helpful or promised is proper. Relationships formed under promise and oath should be a prime example of how endurance is used. What brought this subject up for me is that I have a feeling within me that is unrelenting and it is personal. I have a great emotion within me and I carry it everywhere I go. For me, to have this emotion within me now has the presence of correctness. I will follow it's guide and discreetly hope for it's fruition. I have profound faith in what is within me and will always honor this emotion with the better and best principles that I willingly follow in my life today.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Free will (#317)

I love this subject. Imagine, we have free will to live our lives as we decide, within or without rules. There are consequences to our actions but we get to decide those actions for the most part, excepting addictions and voluntary or mandatory subservience of some form. Despite the limitations that would retract from complete dominion of our free will, we still enjoy a majority of the choices we make in our lives. There are so many of us to meet and learn from through the individualism created by free will that life has such an interesting paradigm to it. The paradigm of creativity in form and thought. Free will establishes a question that will always be asked; Why do we exist? The what's and how's are also there for the asking but the why is where I always begin to question. I accept that I exist and I accept that I have survival instincts. It is in the free will that I find myself and describe to myself the being that I wish to become or the being I am becoming. It is in free will that I am able to question at all. Free will is like a birthing into a beginning that has already begun. Our history shows that life as a human being has already existed. The inherent nature within us is to keep and continue to nurture the amazing ability we have to free will which gives us our individualism.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Harmonies in my life (#316)

What are the things that make life worth being a part of in this existence. One of them is music. I have such a connection with the harmony of sound and the way sound can be combined. The waves of the sound when in harmony creates what we refer to as music. I am filled, like when thirst and hunger are sated, with a sense of contentment. Another is a stimulated response to emotion, both personal and societal at large, that evokes a physical response within my person. Love, being the greatest emotional force to inhabit my being, is what I most look to experience. As far as thought concepts go being surrounded by truth, no matter what it is, stirs so many different emotions that the experience of them is sensational within my being. By sensational I mean to describe that my senses are overwhelmed with such inner spark or tingling of my physical self. This spark has the embodiment of satisfaction or a realness of my living as to remind me that I am alive, living my existence to it's fullest at that moment. I am fortunate to be able to somewhat describe some of the magic within my life and say that the harmony I experience is what keeps me vital and strong.

Friday, December 11, 2009

What is going on in my dreams? (#315)

I am often mystified by my dreams. In them I get a sense of reality and expect that they will come true. When I awaken, I realize that I have only been dreaming but the sense of the dream could very well have been in reality. Not all of my dreams are based in reality, some are fantastical with the laws of physics being suspended for me. However, the fantastical ones are rare and are not what I am attempting to describe in this posting. I am referring to the dreams I have where my hopes or wishes have real opportunities to become true. I sometimes think that my dream life is far more real for me than my real life. I am an optimist, I never fully accept the notion that what we see is what we get. I will endure to keep my hopes and wishes as desirous future outcomes, in part, because of the clarity and realness I experience in my dreams. I do not script my dreams and where the script comes from in them is a mystery to me. I would like to think that a higher power is directing me or influencing me toward my desires but I am only conjecturing. I do take them for a sign of something and believe in them as a sort of confirmation. I will continue to wait upon my dreams with an eye toward their possible connection with my hoped for reality.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gaining my confidence (#314)

I remember when I was much younger, a teenager, I had such a clear amount of confidence in my abilities. I was just teeming with an air of triumph in most all of what I was trying to do. Some how that feeling of confidence has been since then toned down to not much at all. I see now that I am gaining back some of that lost confidence because of the way I am dedicating myself to what I can do best. It is in the focus of my abilities' strength that I find my long-lost confidence. It is also in being principled in how I do what I do best that makes me stand a little taller and look people in the eye because I am speaking from truth and effort. It is amazing that by just doing things right and not always looking for shortcuts I have found my confidence again. The world is a better place with me in it in a confident way than me not being confident. I have a few good traits and one of them being somewhat of a leader. A man who is bold and courageous enough to stand on decisions with principled foundations. When I am at my best I can make good decisions consistently and in respect of others. I care about everyone and I am willing to help all of us get through things. As a leader I would never ask someone to do something I have not already done myself and done well. Having my confidence come back with such clarity today is giving me the opportunity to help many more of us through the things we need to get through.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I continue to enjoy the mystery of life (#313)

Never before in my life have I had such a good feeling about how my life is going. Despite all the twists and turns of daily living, I am enjoying unprecedented options as to what I can do with my life. I am an open book who is ready and waiting to have written the next half of my life. This is amazing to me. It wasn't so long ago that I was unsure and downcast about my future. I have changed many things in my life and the reward for those changes is where I am right now. I am just looking to the present and future as a guide for how my life can be lived. I have become an advocate for living within the boundaries of right principles that have nothing to do with selfishness and everything to do with how I can be a better example of being the best person to all that I can be. I don't know how this all came about but to say that it is the desire of my heart to have happiness and fun in my life. Whatever that form takes each day is up to me and I must always remember that each person I come into contact with is an opportunity for me to fulfill acts of selflessness. Today is no different than any other day except that it is today and I am alive within it right now.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is wrong is wrong (#312)

I have waited before I wrote on the subject of wrong. It was important for me to spell out what was right first in a lot of different ways so that I did not give wrong any elevated positive significance. Wrong is more than actions, it is also thoughts. A few days ago I wrote on what is right and how it is in my life. I said I would discuss wrong and now is that time. Let me begin by saying that wrong is a hollow feeling I experience when I employ being wrong. It is a shallow attempt by myself to gain some advantage at the expense of the right or truth. For me wrong is chaos, it has no rationale other than to avoid something I should face or accept. It is a detriment to my learning. More than anything it is a negation, for me, of logic and it's principles of consistency. If I ever hope to be the man I wish to become I must never give into how wrong may allure as an illusory solution. Many have employed wrong as a means to gain advantages in the areas of emotions and finance. Love and money to be precise. What a discouraging event when the many forms of wrong are used to deviate from the right and the truth. Wrong, metaphorically, is equal to bad. Right is equally consistent with good. I know my soul and my soul has illuminated me to the good in life as the way to live life, not to the bad and or wrong. If the truth or right hurts me then that is correct. I should never turn away from the right and use the wrong because I am afraid of the consequences of what the right might bring down upon me.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The task of being principled (#311)

Not so easy being principled. When choices that affect the status-quo arise it is difficult to put honor over income. I know this because several times in my life I have been faced with this fact. I have gone both ways in the past and I am sure to expect I will be more consistent in the future. It was easier for me with no other obligations other than myself. Being young also helped in that I would have more time to recover from whatever loss I had to sustain. It was also difficult in that I would have had very little to survive on and chose to swallow my pride and accept my less than honorable fate. Today I have a mindset about the principles I live by, they are my foremost priority. Without my principles being my greatest guide, I am not the man I hope to be. If everything was taken from me because I had decided that the best choice for me took all my income and ended it, I will continue to follow my principles. My principles are the only real thing that I carry with me. Everything else is just extra. Even my life being compromised to the point of coming to an end, my principles will be with me at that end. That is my comfort. I am well satisfied in who I am becoming and I will continue to be what is my destiny, to follow my heart and to give all I have to the wonder and care of my fellow human beings and the rest of life as it exists on this planet Earth.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

We all have our faults (#310)

In my attempt to improve myself I am constantly reminded that I have faults that are being managed but not controlled. It is these faults that have my greatest attention because they could prove to be impediments to my quest to be the best man I am able to be. I write about this subject because I want everyone to know that I have not figured out how to live my life yet and I am far from it in my perspective. I recognize what they are and I am aware that I can improve myself with more meditation on possible solutions and in gaining the confidence in myself that would eliminate most all of them. My problems stem from my emotional nature. If I am to correct and control my emotions on a level that I find acceptable then I must focus my attention at the emotion and learn it's underlying impetus. Most of my emotion is stirred out of a concept of justice, morality and ethics. It appears that my emotions can also be seen by others when I have not fully vetted them to an appropriate level. I can be a hothead once in a while. Although showing my emotions is not a crime it is an injustice to those who must witness the spectacle. I am motivated by the best intention but that does not allow me to express my emotions on impulse. It is the impulse that I must learn to have better control over and I am working on it as write this post. I have no example of an emotional outburst but I know I am capable of it if I don't plan ahead for the eventuality. Being pro-active is what I am advocating whenever a situation comes up where I have a chance to recognize it before It actually happens.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Right, as a gift (#309)

How to begin with this posting! Right is when the better and best of good is advanced. Wrong is when the better and best of good is not advanced. There may exist between right and wrong a middle ground or neutral effect, where no ground is added or lost. Still a definition of right or wrong may still apply. What is right and what is wrong? Let's take right first. Right is often associated with sequencing. As things continue in an acceptable order right will most often be acclaimed. Right is also closely associated with selfless sacrifice. When we give of ourselves or our resources without expectation of a reward then right will usually be the outcome. Right can often be found in conjunction with morality, ethics and justice. There is no perfect sense of how to know right as an absolute but as a human being I can weigh the factors that I have within my reachable knowledge base and forward a concept of right and allow others to recognize my logic for any and all scrutinizing. The best antidote for any confusion on whether right is being propounded is the light of day. Sharing what is a definition of right within one's life gives others the opportunity to learn and to teach. Life is a lesson and we all are in class for the entirety of our lives. Knowing what right to do takes consideration in thought, sometimes doing the simple right thing makes a more complex situation not right. It is important to think about the right being done and how that right being done effects in as much totality all the things it has contact with.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I am blessed (#308)

I have been thinking about my life this morning and every time I thought about something it was in respect to what I could do. There are things I can do. I have options. I am not one of those people who believe I deserve things just because I am alive or who I am. I am one of those people who is just amazed that I am alive and humbled by the possibilities I have in life. I also get to share how I am with others. It is a testament to how I try to pattern my life on the best principles that humanity can display. Others would not want me to share my life with them if they did not see the good I try to reflect back to them. It is an honest good. Not a false or superficial good but a deep and lasting good that I strive for. I have chosen to be a friend to all who would treat me as one. I have no barriers to who is my friend as long as all respect the gift of friendship. Life can be as simple as giving. In all the emotions I feel the one constant is giving. Regardless of the action of giving the act of giving is the key. The impetus to associate and give of myself is were my emotions find there greatest experience. The act of giving isn't always a positive one and those acts are not what I am advocating. The better and best intention of giving is what I am referring to. Knowing the difference between right and wrong will be for another post but for now the right in life is where all the really good stuff happens. I am truly blessed.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I have a personal God (#307)

I will discuss my own personal thoughts on the existence of spirituality in my life. I am a creature who examines, someone who is empirical and logical about my curiosities and discoveries. In one form of my learning is how natural I find myself praying or meditating with a non-anatomical being. This is not a phenomena in our society, we are aware of belief systems as well as little children and their imaginary friends. Where my spirituality comes from is the understanding within myself that the universe is an awesome, brilliant dynamic for which I have no knowledge of it's reason for being. As a coping mechanism, I find that giving something credit for it's existence makes a lot of sense. This may be putting the cart before the horse, but the alternative is not how I wish to view the destiny I will attempt to provide for my life. I am the creator of how I can live my life by trying to give my life meaning. In finding my spirituality I have laid a foundation for how I can build my character, how I project out the better and best of human principles and offer my humble hopes for the future of humanity. It is perfect for me in so few areas of my life but one of them is that I am absolutely grateful for having the opportunity to be alive. All of existence is a gift. The forms I am allowed to understand and learn from is amazing. I will, by common sense on my part, accept that there is a beauty for which I am certain comes from a place or idea which has everything and nothing under it's domain. My Idea of a God perhaps.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I must keep my raw edge (#306)

I suppose what I mean by this title is that I don't wish to lose my vigor for the things that matter to me. I know that as I gain more wisdom and experience with subjects, I have a tendency to be more reflective and conservative in my responses. What I don't want to add to that is a general malaise about subjects that need my vitality behind their cause. It is almost as if I am becoming inured to my own emotions. this is not acceptable to me because it demonstrates an apathy I am unwilling to have reflected back to others. I am responsible for my passions and I cannot allow them to wither away. It is known and acceptable to slow down with age and I am among those who feel the passage of time as it relates to my physical presence. My physical presence is not my mental state, although it does have some influence. Regardless, my mental state is under no such ravage of time like my physical body is. At least not yet. So despite how tired I may feel as a physical property, my reason and creative thoughts have to continue to be counted among those who would stand tall in the face of less than the better and best principles of humanity. When my time comes to an end I have no delusion or belief of anything at all. That however does not preclude something else existing. What I know is best for me is to make my highest mark in this existence and expect that my mark will be counted somewhere and somehow as one example of how humanity can try to be it's best.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nature at it's finest (#305)

I have been privileged to be in a snow storm this morning on my way to work. I say this because I am rarely around snow anymore since my days in Seattle and Fairbanks. I enjoy the way the weather has turned, although it will only be for a short time today watching the snow come down is a pleasure. It has stalled our work for today but only for several hours this morning. I am now writing this blog posting since I have a little down time and I want to enjoy writing while I am watching the snow come down. Nature is a joy to experience, especially since I am in the Southwest, New Mexico to be precise. The weather here is usually warm and the snow is not indicative of the usual weather. As I travel through life and find myself in geographical areas that I am not familiar with I am always on the lookout for different variations in weather that I can experience. I have no enlightened thoughts of any value except that am just enjoying my day in the snow. It is also nice that our job trailer on this site is equipped with a good heater and we are warm in here.