Friday, December 18, 2009

The importance of being (#322)

Has a generalized malaise settled into the souls of most humans today? Are our problems so big that, as individuals, we feel hopeless and helpless to effect? It is my impression that despite vigor and enthusiasm by few the majority of humans have opted to remain ambivalent about our current societies in whole, despite the fact that we are connected multi-laterally. A sense of security seems to prevail and scuffling to survive has been replaced by nonchalance. The human spirit has been undermined by an acquiescence of our individualism to collective thought control by a few who would uncomplicate our lives for us. This is a slippery slope trap, when we stop informing ourselves through objective principles and allow ourselves to be told how to think. As individuals it is our right and responsibility to command our own lives within the time we are in existence. To allocate or defer our right of thought and implementation of our principles to others for the sake of expediency is lessening the experience life has gifted us with. Laziness in working on our learning about how life is being lived as individuals will only thwart progress of the human experiment and undermine our argument to remain individuals capable of having a say in the dominion of our persons.

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