Thursday, December 24, 2009

Trust in myself (#328)

I will not be deterred by factors outside my control. It seems that often my hopes or dreams are in conflict with reality. Not my problem. Somehow reality must change or I will be unfulfilled. Either possibility is acceptable. I will strive to hope for reality to change but will not interfere with others' rights of expression. It is complicated living in a world with options in infinite supply. How does one choose when so many choices have yet to present themselves. The problem is that time dictates a certain life span and the time necessary to sample all possibilities is timeless. So an evaluation based upon opportunity and time compromises all choices in some degree. It may be wise to set one's sights on a less than ideal choice in order to enjoy a certain amount of pleasure and happiness at the cost of a pureness of emotional experience. I tend to think that the compromise route is not for me because the truth of compromise is settling for less at the cost of possibly finding the most. I have written on the context of endure. To endure when things seem less than possible is a trademark of deserving something special when it finally comes to happen. It is in the hard or near impossible that I find I am closest to achieving the hope or dream I have yearned.

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