Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trusting in faith (#331)

Not easy to do at all. It sounds simple enough to achieve. What is difficult is that my ability to forget and old behavior often combine to eliminate my constant attempts to trust in faith. You see, faith is not tangible in an existence sense. Faith is a belief, a concept in theory. When the conceptual application of faith is nurtured it is simple to understand and implement. When it is not, the opposite is true and doubt and unbelievability settles in instead. I have had enough experience with faith to know that when I put my trust in faith I am putting my trust to good work. It is confusing in how to logically explain why faith works other than it does when I put my trust to it. I am not saying that faith is the answer to all of my wishes and dreams but I am saying that the chance faith will bring about my wishes and dreams are diminished when I don't trust in faith to deliver. I only put my faith toward good and right hopes because faith is a child of the best. The best is what I wish to have in my world to share with everyone else. I have given my all to trusting in faith and even when faith does not deliver my preferred outcome I am well satisfied that fate is in charge of my life. I will never give up my hopes and dreams nor will I ever give up trying to achieve them. What I will give up is me trying to control and maneuver an outcome through my actions. My force of will and what destiny brings combined with trusting in faith is my path and I will continue to walk upon it.

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