Thursday, February 25, 2010

Conquering new frontiers (#391)

Everyday is becoming more than I had expected. Life is taking me in such different directions that I must keep checking my hopes to see where they are. What I mean is that new and exciting things are happening and I need to understand what they mean to me. How do I assimilate new opportunities into my life. My previous expectations where not as grand as is what is happening for me today. What is consistent is my perspective. It is well grounded by actions I have taken to solidify who I am in reality. Circumstances may change around me but I am remaining the same. I am getting older these days and I have been reflecting on what I used to think as a child, especially about who I would be when I was older. My dream was to be a wise man who knew many things and could help those who would ask of me. I have not changed from that dream. I do still want to be the good wise man who can help with my experience and knowledge. Fate has it's own destiny for me but at least everyone will know the intent of my heart. My actions and thoughts expressed in words will be the path that I hope will eventually allow me to be the older man I wish to be.

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