Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just around the corner (#390)

I am inspired this morning in a way that is similar to being refreshed. Having a new start to my life. Ready to embrace every next moment as it comes my way. It is early yet this morning so the usual distractions to my day will come along and take me from this feeling I am having right now and change it to something else. But for this moment I am well satisfied with how I feel and my total outlook on life. I suppose it is these small moments of time that are so valuable to me because I can step outside of my responsibilities for a little while and just enjoy being alive and what that looks like and feels to me right now. I must be in a good place with myself because my outlook and feelings are very positive and warm. I am still here typing about how I feel as I am actually feeling. It is a bit strange to record my sense of things as I am sensing them but speaking to reality is a requirement for me. Hahahaha, I do have a sense of humor and I am feeling it right now as well. I have just looked at the clock and I am now aware that I have little time left for this special moment since I must get ready for work. Here I go turning another corner toward another outlook and feeling. Bye.

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