Monday, February 22, 2010

Live and let live (#388)

I know that the title here is the same as the James Bond movie but I like the message in the title. Live, which I believe has so many levels of understanding, is what I am finding out how to do and let live, which shows respect and awe at other things outside myself. The deep meaning of this simple four word sentence is infinite. How is it possible to know all that embodies living and not interfering in living. I am a big picture guy who goes about his life living every moment like it will be the last moment I have in existence. I guess I have found a formula for my life that completes me in the only way it can. I don't know so much that it is humbling. Since that is my lot in life to not know a lot of things, I have found that if I can see what I can see and live what I can live then I have everything I can know and do right in front of me. In my ignorance, I have found happiness. I will never settle for being ignorant to all things but I know there are some things I will never know. So as long as I am aware of what I do know and live my moments like they all should be lived then a contentment will be with me. However there will always be that curiosity within me that will struggle and strive to know beyond the boundaries of what is possible for me to know. I am content with that as well. I am an earnest man who is comfortably relentless in his search for all that is knowable and that which is not knowable. I have found a place in my soul that accepts my limitations while striving to increase them. Maybe the title of this post should have been the paradox that is me.

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