Saturday, February 27, 2010

To persevere (#393)

I am of the mindset that being relentless is how I should approach my actions and thoughts on anything that has my attention. I must diagnose whether I need to be relentless in certain situations, but overall that which has my attention and the analysis demands that I interject myself in some way, then that is the course I will chose. To be fervent in my attention on a matter is how I am able to achieve any satisfying conclusion. I must be a catalyst for the activity I am performing and also be the navigator of my reasoning's as they are apt to change from time to time. The compromises that must be made in concert with my ambition show that I have given thought to many other reasoning's and concepts that are possibly just as valid. I am not the determiner of what is best for anyone other than hopefully myself. If in my approach, I am able to determine what may be best for many then that is a comfort and happy consequence I am humbled by. I realize though that my zeal has to be tempered but the part of the zeal that perseveres must not be tempered. I am alive only one time and I will not settle for living my life as if others know more about me and my outlook than I do. I will also know that I know very little about my outlook and should weigh many factors concerning it before I comment on a course of action.

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