Friday, February 19, 2010

What do I own? (#385)

I would be considered less than sane if I said I own nothing. In today's society, to own is a sign of intelligence and ambition. I understand the need for this type of thinking since it reflects and is representative of our model for life. I am of the type of thinking that we own only ourselves. Everything that is in existence was here before and after we are gone from existence. I know this is an idealistic thought process, but to have idealism in our lives we must think in ideal terms. We are guests, or visitors here in existence. Existence came about without our help, we did not design it's conception. In that the designers of existence are not readily visible to us does not give us license to assume we are in control and can create existence to our whims or designs. Ideally, we would have humble respect for every particle of matter. We would enjoy and discover new and interesting aspects about how we are here and where we are going from here. We do have the control of how we approach the way we live in this existence we did not create. I am humbled at being alive within this ecosystem, this Planet and this Universe. The false sense of a superior arrogance would be our downfall and to lose sight of the gift we all have been given would help that downfall occur. Our great human principle of passing on a better existence to our children must never be thwarted by reasons that don't reflect our best efforts and principled ideals.

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