Sunday, March 28, 2010

Doing the hard thing is easy (#422)

What do I mean? I mean that what I perceive as difficult or hard to do is really just so simple. I must do something anyway so why not do the right thing. It is all in my head as to whether I can or not. I want to do what is right and I should not be averted from that because somehow I think it may be hard. I am limiting the opportunities I give myself to put myself in positions that require me to do good to correct them. I am trying hard to do the right thing so that doing what is right is more natural and less painful to correct. The strength of my principles and the conviction I use to carry through on my principles leaves less chance for me to have to change for the better. Life is the truth of our existence and our actions define who we are, if for no other reason doing right, for me, is the quality of life I want to experience. I am not the only one who feels this way, it is just my turn to write about it. Many thoughts come into the mind with all kinds of possibilities for experience yet there are those thoughts that are greater than others. It is incumbent upon me to discern and actuate these thoughts that deserve connection to my fate and to be represented as coming from me. I must stand for the right within me and not give up standing for the right. It is who I am in my best scenario of reality. If I am to change reality around me it will be to the better of myself and to those whom share existence with me.

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