Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finding my way (#411)

It may seem odd that a man of my age, going on 55 in a few months, would still be trying to find his way in this world. However odd though it is accurate. When I say this world, I am also accurate. I was born on this planet, not just this part of it. I want to be a member of the Earth, where all life forms have a sense of belonging. It is true for me that most of my life so far has been to try to be accepted where I am and not so much more beyond that. It is also true that most of my life has been a struggle to fit in wherever I have been. As I look at life and my surroundings now though, I see that being accepted and fitting in are just manifestations of another issue. The issue being not having a purpose for my life. It may also be called by another name such as low self-esteem. However the issue, in general, it is that I did not understand the purpose for my life. It has come to me over time that I have a purpose and all I had to do to find it was to look into myself and learn who and what I am. I have found that I am a man who cares and wonders about all things. It is not surprising then that this has been the theme of my daily blog since it's conception. It is neither surprising that my soul is well-satisfied when I let my nature out and let life happen around who I am. I don't need validation for being alive, I don't need reaffirmation that I have a purpose worthy of life. I am the reason I am alive when I am who I am. A bit circular, but nonetheless correct. I am still finding my way but I am on the track toward my way and life is much better in my senses because of it.

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